How to get an A in a class

If we consider the change of form of Thai education from the past to recent time, it has changed a lot. The curriculum, teaching style, personnel in the establishment for education including the teacher and student, we can observe from the student in classroom.

If we want to get A, in the past the teacher will say attend in the class, try to understand the lesson but now just hold to that principle is not enough. Some teacher may teach follow the book or slide more than pass on knowledge. Someone thinks that getting A is very easy but most of them think that it is so difficult depending on each person has different ability and characteristics.

            Getting A in transcript is not difficult, it depends on yourself, the important thing is diligent. First, read the lesson before studying, find the vocabulary and take notes something that you do not understand. Second, come to the class on time. Third, attend to study, try to understand the lesson day by day and do not talk with your friends during studying. Forth, lecture the important point for reconsider again. Fifth, ask your teacher when you do not understand, put your hand up. Sixth, find the knowledge outside the classroom that today has new technologies such as studying from the internet.

            The intention in everything always arises from seriously attend and hardworking. If you are diligent and never give up to make, you will overcome all things. You should realize to have consciousness before doing whatever you do, it will successful.

Global warming

Our world was changed a lot from the past, we can notice that various factors has arisen by human. The beautiful world and natural resources have been changed, they make the climate too. Even though developing technology is not only make more comfortableness but it is also more destroyed. Everything affects many lives on the earth, not only the human but also animal and plant. We should realize the trouble then we should solve it, it is the time to save the world.

           Human does not thing about preserving the natural resources. Decreasing many forests as a result of invading, cut the tree for building the accommodation or arresting the wild animals affect balance losing. Moreover, releasing the pollution, carbonization: car, air conditioner, spray and burning, the consequence of them is cause of the green house effects.

            However, if we still destroy the cycle of nature and increase the pollutions, we have to face the problems more and more. For example, the early disaster in Thailand, flood affected the people particularly in Bangkok. The metropolis populations have suffered from it, they cannot go to work or anywhere. Almost of the country get the trouble that have never occurred before, makes the disadvantage to our country, especially the economy and tourism. The utilities are difficult to find and expensive. Everything is harder than the past. In the other hand, it lacks of water in agriculture.

            The increasing temperature makes the ice melts, so the sea level is increased in the same time. We might feel so hot in cold season and cool in hot season. Just start to save the world from the near things such as using the fabric bag instead plastic, finding free time to plant the trees, closing the faucet when you brush  the teeth, bringing the washing water sprinkle the tree, using the public transportation instead the individual car and so on.

Two cultures or one aspect of two cultures, such as family life, schools, child raising practices, courtship and marriage customs.

The diversity of eastern and western, we can observe the contrast of Thai and USA culture. Thai has a unique culture such as, ‘wai’ (salute in Thai), respecting the adult, and smile. On the other hand The USA culture are acceptable from the universal and many countries do like that. The discipline, food, weather and being individualism.

            The weather is the first difference, Thai has three seasons, hot, rain and cold while there are four seasons in USA, summer, autumn, rainy, and spring. From this diversity makes the way of life is different. According to extremely different climate in USA, affects the people always be active, punctual, respect in discipline and self-confident. Nevertheless, Thai people is often late in class or work, then claim about the reason why they are late. When they cross the road they will cross immediately without seeing the flyover or crosswalk, do not queue up. Moreover, when we want to explain some opinion, we do not talk directly like the USA does.

            We have a big family, full of the father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and children. The adults will take care and take the limit for their children all the time, they will forbid if they do not agree or danger, it differs from USA, they have small family, the children will separate to work when they finish the high school. The adults allow their children think and free express, the children can give the opinion and argue when they disagree so they are themselves. When we angry, we just keep it in my mind and smile, do not express the real feeling, it differs from the USA. Moreover, we avoid the problems whereas they will run into the problems, then they pass it.

In work environment they will focus on ability more than seniority, when someone has a mistake they can blame and identify the right thing without the anger that differs from the Thai culture. In Thai culture, almost of employees must do following the rule or the boss’s demand that something does not fair. Something we do not like but they love. For example, we love the bright skin, we think it is so beautiful, many people make themselves to have a bright skin such as using whitening cream, taking glutathione and avoiding the sunlight.  Nevertheless, the USA love Thai skin, they think it is so sexy, they do not like bright skin due to it too bright. And lastly, love expression of USA show their own feeling, they hug, kiss and say the sweet words, on the other hand, Thai think it is so shameful, more express is bad. 

Whatever the different of culture, as we know Thai culture is an identity, we still wai and say sawaddi, obey our parents and be surrender. Some culture is good, some culture is bad in the same way, we should be yourself. We should get the good and adapt to Thai culture but do not make it cover us.

Violence in video games, movies, and television programs should be censored.

Nowadays, various things of Thai society have changed in good and bad way, whatever it will change to what way, it affects human mind so much. We can see from our routine, the children are aggressive, do not respect the adult and furious emotion more and more. Whatever effect comes, it is often damaged. In recently, media and high technology creates the entertainment without considering the youth who receives it. The media presents in bright and dark side, although they should realize it will make our next generation imitate in poor behavior.

            As you can see from game online that is very famous in high school students. Most of game is the violence, fighting and killing; they play game all day all night. Someone steal the money for playing at internet cafe, they do not read book and do homework.  All of them follow the bad behaviors, the game producers should censor or set rate for creating game to real entertainment. Moreover, the internet influences us, we surf the internet every day, access websites, social network. The illegal things we can find from website, loading free from cyberspace is a crime, it is violating on copyright but we still doing. Although it was controlled by the government, it is not enough.

            If we look back in our daily life, an activity is watching the movies. We use the media for relaxing, however some movie also have the violence. Thai drama in today, reflects our society in positive and negative way, although it bases on the real life. We might take some bad behavior from this media such as swearing, gossiping, abusing and killing, it might make imitation behavior. Some scenes, the sound has lost because it is rude, the scene that censor when they are smoking and cut scene when it is risk.

            Many TV programs are creative, but some is nonsensical, it always emphasizes for making laugh but it does not add the knowledge of the world. They have produced the same drama such as some TV programs of Japan, the man will throw the ball to the board for see the woman in bikini, it look like make for the entertainment but what is benefit for the audiences. In Thailand, it has rate such as for adult only, for upper fifteen years old and so on.  The government should solve the problems seriously.

college students

Thai society has changed continually. We have received the Western culture have influence in our daily life, fashion, food and so on. We cannot refuse that the social value making the people emphasize the money can buy everything. Nowadays, Thai college students spend money lavishly on vanities. However, this habit is divesting and they should learn to control their spending money habit.

            As we can see, they are unlimited paying without circumspection. They enchant the materialism. They overspend anything such as the women buy the fashion magazine for checking the trend and wearing followed it for to be fashionable all the time. They have bought the shoes every month although they have a lot of them. Some pairs of shoes, after buying they were it in only one times. At the same time, we observe the man habit. Most of them interests in automobile. They do not hesitate to decorate it for different purpose. Someone upgrades their car depending loving the speed but not less modify for show off it. They think that anyone will evaluate them positively. Look at the other way, if they born in wealthy family, it is not strange to purchase them, being crazy in brand name, having in luxury restaurant, hanging out with friends, buying an expensive car even or smart phone. On the other hand, poor family desires them, too. They are not humble themselves. They endure working hard for fulfill their want. In any class, the facilities, new technology and costly items are like popularity that everyone must have.

The teenager is a span of age seeing cash as it is important. When the money overpowers them, they will find any way for have it. They do not have jobs to do. So, the easily way to get it is requesting from their parents. Absolutely, they do not do this a time per week but every time when they are broke. We should think before spend, but we do not considering. When they ask for money many times, their parents do not give it again. They seek for other method. Someone might steal anything at their home for selling, interchange to money. Someone uses the body exchange the cash.  As former-mentioned, the different way will result in the trouble.

Anyone can simply saving money in contrast way. The first process is reduced the requirements, should buy only the important things. The second is to plan, expending in limit. For example, we do not defray it exceed we bring. Third, divide into two parts, the first one is for outgo and another part is for saving. The particular process that they should not forget are conscious all the time and satisfy with the things they have. Lastly, do not worry about little money per a day. If they save little by little for a year. They will encounter amount of money that they can save by own.

We can obvious the college students are turn point. When they grow up, their attitude might change. Therefore, before flowing out the money, they should reflect the effects if use immoderately, contemplate financial status based on their family and store it for the future. The environment and friends influence for each person. However, the family is a small point but it is the most significant. Only fifteen minutes per day for suggestion or interaction, it may be make the positive ideas for their child.

Controlling Stress

The busy schedules that most adults face every day have created a growing health problem in the modern world. Stress affects almost everyone, from the highly pressured executive to the busy homemaker or student. It can cause a variety of physical disorders ranging from headaches to stomach ulcers and even alcoholism. Stress, like the common cold, is a problem that cannot be cured; however, it can be controlled. A person can learn to control stress in four ways.

            First, you may write the goals on the paper, choose the important one then consider the real to get it step by step. When you face the problems, do not be serious and carefully think to solve them. Considering what are you doing to make sure that you will not do anything to damage yourself. Moreover, you can learn from the experience in the past for improve and develop yourself. You should be positive thinking, make tour life cheerfully because every troubles have the solutions and sometime be humor, do not too earnest. Especially, give the present when you can pass them.

            When you want to relax from your work, try to find some hobby such as reading, cooking, sewing, biking, watching TV, listening or playing the music and so on. You can find whatever around you to make you happy. For someone have not see the concert, try to see it once or someone love cooking, you can take some courses from cooking school, it might make you enjoy so as forget the trouble.

            You should exercise at least once a week, although fifteen-thirteen minutes per day is regularly exercise. You might start from jogging or aerobics every evening then you will feel different from the past. Moreover, muscle relaxant may make you feel better by close your eyes, deep breathing then breathing out slowly and meditation for twenty minute , can decrease blood pressure by intend the breath in and out. Lastly, sufficient rest is necessary, you should sleep 6-8 hours per night.

            The problems cannot make you trouble if you told that to someone, it maybe your family or friends. It better than only keep it in your mind, try to think if you stay alone in the room you will get more depress, blame yourself, worthless or hopeless. However, meeting or partying make you do not feel lonely, you can seek the power from them. 


The stress can occur with everyone, you must think in positive way. Exercise, enjoy the daily life and relax with the other make you rest.  Nevertheless, you should solve the problems by avoid make the others are worried. Throw away the bad thing, you life just continue then the good thing will come soon.


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